How is Quality Measured in Your RTO, and by Whom?

How is Quality Measured in Your RTO, and by Whom?

NOTE Change of time 1.00 pm (AEST) - 2.00pm (AEST)

 In a recently released (2017) NCVER publication, Are we all speaking the same language? Understanding “quality” in the VET sector, Tabatha Griffin argues that, “Quality is as much subjectively in the ‘eye of the beholder’ as it is objectively assessed through hard data, measures and surveys.”

She goes on to argue that quality in VET is context-specific and purpose-specific and means different things to five different key stakeholder groups: learners, employers/industry, providers, government and regulators.

So who measures “quality” in your RTO and how is it measured? This session will look at Tabatha Griffin’s findings and will challenge you to look at them in the context of your RTO.

John Dwyer is the foundation Secretary of VETIG. He has extensive experience, and is widely-known, within the VET industry.


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