Webinar: Annual Declaration on Compliance

Webinar:  Annual Declaration on Compliance

PRESENTER: Belinda Cunningham
Belinda has been an educator since the late 1990’s. Originally an Accounting and Business teacher in High Schools, where she also ‘played’ in the VET in schools arena, she changed to teaching VET full time in 2006 when she joined one of the 25 newly formed Australian Technical Colleges set up by the federal Government at the time. Here, Belinda’s passion for VET and understanding of competency based training grew and developed. Her love for compliance led to her gaining further VET qualifications and becoming the Quality Assurance Manager at the College.
Presently Belinda is the National Training and Compliance Manager of a large private RTO. As such she works closely with a range of administrative support staff. In this session she will share some of the understandings she has developed over time.

Belinda is President of the VETIG core committee and enjoys staying connected and up to date with the fast changing VET industry and giving back to the VET community to help grow the culture of professionalism amongst people working in the VET industry.


ASQA has reminded RTO CEOs that the annual declaration on compliance can be completed anytime in February or March. The declaration must be completed and submitted by 31 March 2018.


He has also assisted 300 organisations in Australia to achieve quality certification in the range of National Training standards including: Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (versions 2012 and 2015); Australian Quality Training Framework standards (AQTF from 2001 – 2010); Australian and International ISO9001 standards (AS/NZS and ISO from 1987 – 2008); and worked with these organisations in establishing continuous improvement systems and strategies.

Key points covered

When submitting the annual declaration on compliance, you are confirming to ASQA that your RTO:

  • systematically monitors its compliance; and
  • implements preventative and corrective improvements where considered necessary.

The content that supports and is directly related to each of the five components of the annual declaration is highly significant and confirms the RTO’s direct compliance with Clause 8.4 of the Standards for RTOs 2015 as well as other components of Standard 8 that relate to cooperation with the regulator.

The form requires the RTO’s CEO to declare:

  • Whether the RTO currently complies with each national standard and if not, what actions are being taken to remedy non-compliance.
  • Whether the RTO compiled with each national standard for all QAF certification it issued since 1 April 2016.
  • Whether the RTO has training and assessment strategies and practices in place to ensure all learners will receive training and assessment in accordance with the requirements of the Standards.
  • The names and roles of all persons who exercise a significant degree of control or influence over the management or direction of the RTO.
  • That the RTO (considering all significant owners and managerial agents) meets the Fit and Proper Person Requirements of the Standards

Belinda will talk you through these points and answer questions that you might have.

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