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Finding a Job in VET.

First look at the minimum HR Requirement for delivering in VET. This minimum standard is outlined in the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2012, standard 15.4 as detailed below and can be found on the Australian Government website

SNR 15 The NVR registered training organisation provides quality training and assessment across all of its operations, as follows:

15.4 Training and assessment is delivered by trainers and assessors who:

(a) have the necessary training and assessment competencies as determined by the National Skills Standards Council or its successors; and

(b) have the relevant vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered or assessed; and

(c) can demonstrate current industry skills directly relevant to the training/assessment being undertaken; and

(d) continue to develop their vocational education and training (VET) knowledge and skills as well as their industry currency and trainer/assessor competence.

Where to go for information on attaining the necessary qualifications

To find a training provider that delivers the required qualification for a VET trainer and assessors to deliver nationally recognised training and assessment services, search on the Australian Government website –

Where to go for that job

Develop a resume and send it to any Training Providers (RTO) that deliver within your scope of expertise. Register with a Job Placement Agency (a Job Network Provider) and look on or

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