Shane Cowan

Committee Member

For over three decades, Shane has worked in the community sector helping people gain skills through experiential learning.  He started working in this industry as a trainer, mainly with the long-term unemployed who required assistance with retraining or training, to gain employment.

Shane’s introduction to the formal side of the Vocational Education Training industry occurred in 1992 when he set up a Registered Training Organisation for a not-for-profit community organisation.  Shane continued to manage this community organisation for 19 years.  As a strategy to ensure he remained connected and up to date within the industry, Shane joined the Education and Training sub-committee of the Business Services ITAB some years ago.  Members of this committee later formed a vocational education and training industry group, which is now known as VETIG.  Shane continues to serve as a committee member of VETIG.

Shane also continues to help a not-for-profit RTO with audit and compliance matters as well as managing nine other community organisations, one of which is an RTO.  Shane’s work helps to ensure communities retain their local not-for-profit groups by enabling the groups to address the compliance requirements of funding bodies and legislation in a cost effective manner.