Position Descriptions

Please click on the following links if you would like to view the position description of any of the committee members. If you are interested in joining the committee we always welcome new members. Nomination forms are available for submission prior to our Annual General  Meeting in April each year.



The purpose of this position is to ensure that the Steering Committee functions properly and fulfils its responsibilities for the governance and success of the organisation and to achieve its agreed goals.


Generally, the Vice-President is not assigned any specific position other than to conduct meetings in the event that the President cannot attend the meeting, and shall act in the president’s absence and shall have the same duties, powers, and responsibilities as the President when so acting.


The purpose of this position is to be a point of contact for VETIG and its members and to coordinate the committee’s activities.


The purpose of this position is to keep the committee’s finances in order including financial book-keeping, organizing bank accounts and keeping track of the outgoings and incomings through the year.

Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator position provides support to the VETIG Steering Committee to ensure that all events are achieved across the calendar year.

Marketing Coordinator

The purpose of this position is to coordinate VETIG’s marketing activities in order to achieve its agreed goals.

Newsletter Editor

The purpose of this position is to keep VETIG members informed of current news and events in relation to vocational training and assessment via an online platform (i.e. eNewsletter). This newsletter is released quarterly.

Social Media Coordinator

The purpose of this position is to keep VETIGs website and social media accounts up to date. VETIG has the following social media accounts:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • You tube

General Committee Member

The purpose of this position is to support other committee position holders and contribute towards discussions and vote on various matters.