About Us

The Vocational Education and Training Industry Group (VETIG) is a non-profit community of experienced, professional practitioners committed to developing exceptionally high performance training and assessment practices for Vocational Education and Training professionals

Our community works together to develop a culture of professionalism that:

  • Connects, supports and challenges VET professionals to solve problems and answer questions
  • Accepts mutual responsibility for sharing quality information, insights and practices
  • Networks across traditional boundaries within the VET industry
  • Expands our capabilities to develop new practices

Our MEMBERS are drawn from key stakeholder groups:

  • VET trainers and assessors
  • DET officers
  • Community Support Groups
  • Group Training Agencies

Our leadership comes from a CORE GROUP of committed practitioners who:

  • Connect people and build relationships
  • Accept responsibility for checking information for accuracy and relevance
  • Coordinate the activities of VETIG

Meet The Committee

Position Descriptions of Committee Members

Strategic plan 2015 – 2018

VETIG Constitution