Confined Space Training That Can Save Your Life

Confined spaces training is mandatory in many industries, but some employers make the mistake of only requiring their employees to undergo basic or orientation training. This is not enough to protect those who work in such areas. Companies must implement systems to ensure that they are taking the right actions when an incident occurs. They must also train their employees how to react in emergencies. When confined spaces are the cause of an incident, people must know what steps to take to stay safe.

Confined Space Training


Companies must provide their employees with the proper training before the start of each shift so that they know what to do in case a situation comes up. The company needs to be aware of any hazards that could be faced by their employees and how to handle them safely. 

However, before the start of each shift, the company needs to give proper training to all employees who will be required to work in those spaces. Only after the training has been completed should employers ensure that all the workers have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities needed to safely do their jobs. When confined spaces are the cause of an incident, people must know what to do to stay safe.

An incident can occur when an employee is working in a space where he or she is required to stand, walk or move through an area that is narrow, cramped, cold, hot or dark. Several things make a space unsafe, and they need to be identified and taught to the workers. 


If the worker is required to move through such an area when safety is not immediately achieved, then the employer would need to implement special procedures or standards that ensure their safety. A company that does not require its employees to acquire the proper confined space training cannot legally claim not to have done so.

For workers to be trained on how to work safely within confined spaces, there are several things that they need to know. One is to identify what type of space they would be required to move through. For example, if the space is narrow, then workers need to know how to get through it using their designated equipment. 

For instance, if there is only one door and it is only opened from one side, then the worker needs to know the correct way to use the equipment and the hazard signs that are present. Knowing how to do these things can help save employees from potentially serious injury or even death.

Another important thing that needs to be taught during confined space training is how to avoid an accident from occurring. This is because most employees are unaware that what they are doing could result in a collision. This is especially true when heavy machinery or other dangerous things are being used. In this manner, the importance of ensuring proper training for workers cannot be overemphasized. 

During these training sessions, employees are taught how to spot confined space hazards and how to act accordingly. They are also taught about emergency procedures such as first aid and CPR. Moreover, they are trained on how to conduct searches in the event of emergencies. At the end of the session, the trainees will be given a certification card that proves they had undergone the training required for a particular job. This card is important because it serves as proof that they had indeed gone through the course and their knowledge is now recognized.


The certificate is usually valid for five years, although this can vary depending on the requirements of the employer. If the required training is completed in less than five hours, then the certificate has no validity whatsoever. If you want to earn a certificate, then you will have to complete a special test that is approved by the state’s Department of Health. 

After passing this test, then you will be able to apply for a certificate for one hundred years. This way, you get to prove that you have been trained to the utmost level, which employers find very important when it comes to working in confined spaces and rescue situations.

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