ASQA Training Provider Briefing

The first briefing session was held in Brisbane on 26 April 2017. This was a very worthwhile session. If you are registered for a later session, be sure not to miss it.
If you missed out on registering for this activity you can find a number of relevant documents on the ASQA website.

This Fact Sheet has been available for some time; updated 1 October 2016.

This Fact Sheet has been available for some time (updated 6 October 2016) but the briefing explained and clarified its linkages with the new student-centred audit model.

This Fact Sheet was updated on 1 April 2015.

It is my understanding that the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation will be available shortly on the ASQA website.

An independent Evaluation Report of the new student-centred audit approach has been published on the ASQA website.

Click on the ASQA website hyperlink at the end of the summary page,

Best wishes
John Dwyer
Secretary, VETIG